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Goodbye Raggedy Man

Goodbye Raggedy Man.

Goodbye Raggedy Man.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special has come and gone.  We’ve bid farewell to Amy’s Raggedy Man and have welcomed the 12th Doctor, his 14th regeneration.

It’s not just the holidays that have prevented me from writing about “The Time of the Doctor.”  I’ve been trying to mull through my thoughts on Matt Smith’s tenure as the Man Who Forgets.  I absolutely adored him as the Doctor and there was something truly magical on screen when he was paired up with Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.  The three of them made it so easy to fall in love with 11 and the Ponds.  And yet, as I looked back over his four years as our madman with a box, I felt wanting.

The Atlantic’s Ted Kissell wrote an excellent analysis of Matt Smith’s tenure putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of the writers and ultimately concluding that Matt Smith deserved better.  I think Kissell’s piece is spot on.  In the hands of a lesser actor, Steven Moffat’s version of the Doctor would not have been so lovable.  I mean, how amazing is it that Matt Smith was able to turn a disembodied Cyberman head into one of my favorite companions in the space of a single episode?


The adventures of the Doctor and Handles. Handles is my new favorite companion!

Jenna Coleman has already fallen victim to the writing.  Clara should be one of the Doctor’s most challenging companions.  She’s super intelligent, quick witted, self assured, a fast talking version of Donna Noble.  Donna was always willing to call the Doctor on his shit forcing him to reexamine himself.  On paper, Clara seems to be cut from a similar cloth.  But thus far in practice, she’s more like an accessory.  If you can replace a companion with a severed Cyberman head, you’ve got a problem.  Handles had more of an impact on the Christmas Special than Clara which makes me very uneasy about her future with 12.


Though the show is called Doctor Who, it’s never really been about the Doctor.  The companions, the alien creatures, the civilizations, the show has always been about exploring high concepts and challenging ideas with the Doctor as our haphazard guide.  The early episodes hardly stand the test of time from a production point of view.  But the themes that they explored still hold up.  I think that’s why Doctor Who has such staying power and what made the Russell T Davies revival so successful.

Steven Moffat’s version of the show is different.  He’s more interested in the Doctor than anyone or anything else, so much so that the entirety of season 7 was about the Doctor’s freaking name!  Certainly, that’s a question that’s been on fans minds for ages.  But because there was so much emphasis on the Doctor, Clara was more like an afterthought than a true companion.

The show is now entirely about the Doctor with seemingly no room for anyone else.


A new Doctor’s in the TARDIS with new kidneys and new eyes.  Oh, the eyes!


If I look hard enough, I can see the color of everyone’s kidneys!!!

I am so conflicted.  The Christmas Special wrapped up a lot of loose threads from Matt Smith’s entire run tying them up into a somewhat wibbly wobbly bow.  In a sense, it was a culmination of Moffat’s study of the Doctor, sort of like his final dissertation on the character.

Now that we’ve new kidneys, does this signal a new direction?  Or will Moffat continue with his exploration of the Doctor with an entire season dedicated to the color of his kidneys?  If Clara was replaced by a lamp, would we know the difference?

I will miss Matt Smith and the way he swung his long arms around the TARDIS like a frantic Muppet.  I will miss his quiet moments like him staring at the cold husk of Handles as its lights blinked for the last time.  I will have fond memories of his time as the Doctor.

Farewell Raggedy Man.  You were absolutely brilliant.  And you deserved better.

The Time of the Doctor Trailer

Oh man!  I have so many mixed emotions!!!  I can’t wait to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special but I kind of don’t want to because it’s Matt Smith’s last episode but I kind of HAVE to see it but GAH!!!!!!

Alright, so we’ve had “The Night of the Doctor” where number 8 regenerated into the War Doctor, “The Day of the Doctor” when the Doctor who ran and the Doctor who forgot helped remind with War Doctor who he was, and we end with “The Time of the Doctor” when all hell seems to be breaking loose.  There’s a lot of stuff going on in this trailer.  Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Daleks, the Silence, Trenzalor, and even mention of the Time War!  They’re throwing everything possible at the Doctor save a regenerated Master.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

And just to make sure you’re good an ready for a proper Doctor Who cryfest, BBC America will broadcast a Farewell to Matt Smith at 8 before the premier of The Time of the Doctor.

Ah, fuck. I seem to have got some dust in my eye or something.

Not crying. Nope. Not crying.


Now With More Explosions!


Final warning, this post will contain nothing but SPOILERZ!!!!  So if you haven’t seen it yet, turn back as fast as yea can!

Seen it?  Good. Let’s do this!


Whenever Doctors meet past or future selves, the encounters are usually awkward and tense.  Certainly, they work together in the end, but they don’t like being in close proximity.  Ten and Eleven are different.  They can’t help but enjoy each other’s company.  It’s truly a joy to see Matt Smith and David Tennant on screen with each other.  They play so very well off of each other you wish it could go on forever.

Adding John Hurt into the mix was absolutely brilliant.  Though chronologically the youngest Doctor, at times it felt like he was the dad for the two older versions.  The three of them were so great together.  I was sad to see it end.  It absolutely broke my heart when Tennant said, “I don’t want to go” before he stepped into his TARDIS.  Gah!!!! THE FEELS!


I love that the ultimate weapon of the Time Lords tries its best to save as many lives as possible.  Rose as the conscience of The Moment was pretty genius.  Though I guess it wasn’t really Rose.  The Moment pulled a memory from the Doctor’s future.  And this is the part where I start to think too much and everything starts to break down.

If The Moment always had a conscience, it stands to reason that when the War Doctor first tried to push the big red button, she pulled her Jacob Marley act showing him his future selves.  In one version of the timeline, the War Doctor pushed the button anyway.  In the version that we saw, he didn’t push the button.  Which means there are probably an infinite number of possible outcomes which means there are an infinite number of alternate universes which starts to break my brain a little.

Orrrrrrr the version we saw was always the version that happened, but because of timey whimey wibbly wobbly, the War Doctor, Ten, and Eleven forgot their time together and thought that they had pushed the button all along.  I kind of like to think that this is the way it went down because that moment has shaped new Doctor Who since Eccleston.

Now that Eleven has relearned that he saved his home, Peter Capaldi’s Twelve can spend a season looking for it.


Which brings us to a really big problem.  From everything we’ve learned over the years about the Great Time War, the Time Lords had become just like their hated foe, the Daleks.  If the Doctor didn’t stop them, darkness would have engulfed all of reality.

Wellllll now that we know Gallifrey falls no more, those dickish Time Lords are still around.  They’re still in battle mode which means their still space time Nazis willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to destroy the Daleks.  This probably isn’t the home the Doctor wants to return to.  It’s great that he saved so many lives, but some of those lives are dangerous assholes.  How will he deal with the militant Time Lord council once he frees them?

Still, I would like to see more Time Lords.  Okay, I’m lying.  I really just want to know what happened to Romana.  Did she survive the Time Wars up until the point that the Doctor froze Gallifrey?



The BBC has released the air date (Dec 25) and title of the Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” along with this short synopsis:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them – the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

And look! A teaser!

Overall, I thought the 50th episode was a lot of fun.  I found it to be a fitting tribute to fifty years of Doctor Who.  As fun as it was, I am still dismayed that the older Doctors were not asked to come back for the 50th.  Yes, I’ve seen the 5 Doctors(ish) webisode and Paul McGann got his chance to shine in that short prequel, but I really think there could have been a way to get the old Doctors into the episode.  Tom Baker had a weird ass cameo, could have snuck the others in.  Still, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I can’t wait to watch it again!




Technically, he’s appeared in more Doctor Who things than any of the others through the audio plays and such, but he only got the made-for-tv movie which aired on FOX when they tried to revive the series for an American audience in 1996.  Holy fuck, it’s so good to see him back!

“The Night of the Doctor” takes place during the Time War.  And we finally get some answers as to which version of the Doctor John Hurt represents.  What? Answers? From Moffat? Naaaaaaaaaah.

This is a great setup for “The Day of the Doctor” so why don’t we just drool over the latest trailer now:

I’m actually shaking with excitement as I type this!

The Day of the Doctor

Like most of Moffat’s run, the trailer for “Day of the Doctor” presents more questions than answers. It seems that “Day of the Doctor” isn’t just the name of the episode but the name of a specific event in the Doctor’s timeline.

So let’s speculate!

I think John Hurt is playing the Doctor during the Time War.  I think he changed his name to something else when he fought in the war.  10 said something to the effect that what John Hurt did, he didn’t do in the name of the Doctor.  I think that’s literal.  So the Day of the Doctor is either when he changed his name before the Time War or when he reclaimed his name after the Time War.

Or Moffat can be pulling a fast one on us and make up some new shit that no one ever heard about.

I definitely like the trailer and the shots of previous Doctors.  But I think I’m a little on the fence with Moffat at the helm.

Watch Day of the Doctor in THEATERS!!!!!!

Now With More Explosions!

Everything is more ominous with explosions.

Day of the Doctor will premier on November 23 and to celebrate, BBC America is simulcasting the premier in theaters across the US!  Tickets are on sale from Cinemark and Fandago at the following theaters:

  • Los Angeles
    Cinemark Rave 18 + IMAX (Los Angeles, CA)
    Century Huntington Beach Bella Terra + XD (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • New York
    AMC Loews Village 7 (New York, NY)
    Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX (New York, NY)
  • Chicago
    Century Evanston + XD (Evanston, IL)
    Cinemark at Seven Bridges + IMAX (Woodridge, IL)
  • Philadelphia
    Cinemark Rave University City Penn (Philadelphia, PA)
    Cinemark 16 (Somerdale, NJ)
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth
    Cinemark West Plano + XD (Plano, TX)
  • San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
    Century San Francisco Centre 9 (San Francisco, CA)
  • Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)
    Cinemark Rave Fairfax Corner + XD (Fairfax, VA)
  • Houston
    Cinemark Tinseltown + XD (The Woodlands, TX)
  • Atlanta
    Cinemark Tinseltown 17 (Fayetteville, GA)
  • Seattle-Tacoma
    Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinema (Bellevue, WA)
  • MinneapolisAMC Southdale 16 (Edina, MN)

And if you miss it in theaters on Saturday, Fathom Events will be rebroadcasting Day of the Doctor in select theaters.

I imagine tickets will be selling out so if you live anywhere near these cities, get to clickin’!

From: BBC America


So I guess “The Fires of Pompei” was secretly a casting call.  Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor (or is he technically the 13th) over the weekend.  I’m a little surprised because I was expecting someone I wasn’t too familiar with.  I know Matt Smith and David Tenant had done things before landing the role as the Doctor, but from what I understand, they were both relative unknowns.  Peter Capaldi has been in a whole mess of things. I guess I’m just used to someone I haven’t seen do things before.

I’m always excited for a new Doctor. There’s so much room for interpretation.  Colin Baker’s Six is the only Doctor I really couldn’t stand.  But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed seeing what each actor brings to the role.  They’re all different, yet they all somehow fit together.  So I’m looking forward to what Capaldi will bring with him.  I’m also curious to see if Clara will still be flirting with him as much as she did with Smith.  Will the TARDIS become the snog box that it was meant to be?!  Will we get a new sonic design?  Will the TARDIS get a new desktop?! AHHHH So many questions!!!  Christmas is too far awaaaaaay!!!!

And here’s a fan trailer of Capaldi as the new Doctor!  Oh my shit, this would be so awesome if this is the way he played it! HAHA!

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