Thor Brings Down the Hammer

So I still hate the suits. And I think Asgard looks like a sexed up Studio 54. But dammit if this trailer doesn’t look quite the badass. I’m also a fan of the Destroyer and I’m happy to see that they’ve retained much of his original design. Very Kirby which makes it very awesome. I just wish there were some CG Kirby dots in them thar explosions.

Looks like a rather fun action flick and a worthy successor to the first Iron Man film in terms of good comic book movie fun.

With Magic, Motherfucker!

Angry Zen Minion Kyle Wright sent along this red band trailer for something called Your Highness which looks like a terribly tasteless period comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franko, and the Black Swan herself, Natalie Portman (try the YouTube version if this embed isn’t working for you). I like cursing, I like Natalie Portman in a thong, I like James Franko when he’s not putting on his creepy goblin rape face. Magic is pretty cool, too.

Honestly, though, without Natalie Portman, I probably wouldn’t be posting this. And no, it’s not just cause we get to see her ass. I love it when actors who are known for their more serious roles take on silly shit comedies just because. And coming off Black Swan, I doubt anyone would have expected her to jump into what looks like a really awful comedy. Her presence makes me think this has more bite than I’d expect, more than just tits, ass, and cursing. So I might actually give this one a shot.

Sucker Punch is Like a Sexed Up Pan’s Labyrinth

This full Sucker Punch trailer reveals a lot more about the plot of the film. It has kind of a weird sexed up Alice in Wonder Land, Pan’s Labyrinth vibe with the dial firmly set on 11. It actually looks more like a video game trailer than an actual movie, but it seems like it’s going to be silly fun. Be sure to leave your brain at home when you go see this.

Sintel, an Open Source Masterpiece

AZM Ally Henry Marx sent along our second short for Short Film Friday (I don’t know if this is going to be a regular thing, but it sounds cool). Sintel is a fifteen minute short film created in Blender, an open source 3D modeling/animation/rendering program. The project was initiated by the Blender Foundation to show off the capabilities of the open source software. And I must say, it’s pretty damn impressive.

So if you’ve got the time and machine that can handle it, get yourself a copy of Blender and make your own amazing short film.

Source: Sintel

“With feelings of gratitude for all that is good in this world, I put down my pen. Well, I’ll be leaving now. Satoshi Kon”

From a homeless transvestite to a rollerskating bat boy to the woman of our dreams, Satoshi Kon pushed the boundaries of animated film to remind us that really, you can do absolutely anything in animation. I always felt a profound sense of joy and wonder after watching one of his films and while it saddens me greatly to know that I will no longer get that feeling from new works, I can return to the body of work that he left us to recapture that feeling.

My favorite Satoshi Kon film is Paprika. The interplay between dream and reality was beautifully executed. And it had the voice of Amuro Rei doing a fat Amuro Rei! We had the fortune of seeing it subtitled in a theater in Shirlington and I just remember having a gigantic stupid grin on my face the entire movie. It made me excited to see more of his work, but it also inspired me to continue to push my own work further. I really hope that other animators take inspiration from Satoshi Kon and push the bounds of what’s possible in animation, especially American studios who keep churning out the same 3D crapola. There’s more to explore with 3D and I think American studios would do well to take some lessons from Satoshi Kon’s direction.

If you have a fond memory of a Satoshi Kon work, please leave it in the comments. I feel it only fitting to celebrate the wonderful work he left behind.

Miyazaki Considers Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie

Porco Rosso

On the one hand, I absolutely love that Studio Ghibli has never made a direct sequel to its films. They are all special little moments in film wonderful to behold and completely unique. However, if sequels are to be made, let them be made of awesome things. Which is why the rumors sent over from Angry Zen Minion Jeff Posey of Hayao Miyazaki considering a sequel to Porco Rosso are so exciting! The new film would be entitled Porco Ross: The Last Sortie and would feature an older Porco and take place during the Spanish Civil War. We don’t have much more as far as details go, but in an interview with Japanese Cut Magazine, Miyazaki has been working on the background for the story.

Whether or not Miyazaki gets to make his Porco sequel depends largely on the success of Ghibli’s next two films. So, bottom line, if we want to see more Porco (and I’m pretty sure we do), we have to support Ghibli’s next two films (which is difficult here in the U.S., but somewhat doable).

Source: Slash Film

The Entire Thor Movie in Four Minutes

Okay, yes, this shit looks amazing. Yes, I can’t wait for the official HD release of this so-called trailer. Yes, goddammit, Natalie and Kat are absolutely adorable. And yes, it still looks like a fucking disco.

However, as far as trailers go, this is more like the Cliff’s Notes to the entire fucking movie. I mean seriously, what didn’t they spoil? Thor gets outcast. Thor can’t lift Mjolnir from the stone because he’s no longer worthy. Thor figures out what to do with himself on earth. Kat Dennings drools over shirtless Thor. Thor shacks up with Natalie. Odin dies. Loki inherits the throne and sends down the Destroyer to kill Thor. Thor destroys the Destroyer. Thor redeems himself and returns to Asgard to fight Loki for the throne. Thor wins. What the shit, am I missing anything?

Also, just because Inception has that deep, growly horn blow throughout the entire movie doesn’t mean you need to use it here as well!

Mother fucker.

I’m still probably going to see it even though I ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN!

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