Gatchaman Revival

It looks like Tori Matsuzaka’s time as Shinken Red has prepared him to defend the Earth as the leader of Space Ninja Team Gatchaman.  Man, this looks amazing!  The suits are a very sleek and stylized update of the anime version.  And the helmets give you a nice look at their beautiful faces as they kick the shit out of Galactor.

We’ll just ignore for now the moe pervy-chan anime update of Gatchaman and pretend that the live action is the only remake out there.

Live Action Gatchaman Teaser

Can’t tell a whole lot from this teaser, but it looks like Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is back in live action!  I remember SMAP did a really slick live action version a while ago, but I think those were just commercials for something.  This new version is going to be a full length feature.  The dude who played Takeru from Shinkenger is leading the team which is friggin’ awesome.  In my head, Gatchaman in the secret ninja sect of the Shiba clan.  The flick drops in August which makes me sad that I’m not living in Japan always.