ghost in the shell

My Problem With the Live Action Ghost in the Shell

So I’ve heard about the petition going around to get rid of Scarlett Johansson as Mokoto Kusanagi in the live action version of Ghost in the Shell. Normally, I can’t stand it when studios white wash a cast and I certainly understand where the petitioners are coming from. But in this case, I’m not mad.

I’m certainly not mad as ScarJo. Although I absolutely love that comic book movies are mainstream, big budget blockbusters, I’m still disappointed in the lack of diversity. Since Catwoman, we haven’t had a DC or Marvel super hero flick lead by either a woman or minority. Before that one it was Blade. Oh sure, Black Widow had a much bigger role in Captain America: Winter Soldier. And they introduced Falcon as a major character. But fans have been calling for a solo Black Widow flick for a while now and there’s none on the horizon. And where the hell is a Wonder Woman movie?! So until DC and Marvel figure this out, I’m glad to see Scarlett Johansson grab a starring role in a live action manga flick.

What worries me is the source material. Ghost in the Shell isn’t exactly easy stuff to digest. I go into it a bit in the vloggy vlog I’ve posted.

Side note, I think I’ll be doing more of this style of posting than my usual stuff. It’s taken me a while to get back to AZM so please bear with me as I figure out what I want to do with the blogy.

So yeah, I won’t be signing the petition. I’ll just be hiding in the corner hoping that they don’t fuck this thing up too horribly.

Ghost in the Shell, ARISE

AZM Ally Elliot Fox sent along this trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell prequel, ARISE. It’s going to be a four part mini series chronicling Mokoto Kusanagi’s history before joining Public Security Section 9. Each episode will be fifty minutes long and will be shown in theaters before being released on Blu-ray and DVD.

Ghost in the Shell was one of the early anime movies I saw so it has a special place in my heart. That said, this trailer doesn’t really do anything for me. We get the classic scene of Kusanagi jumping off a building which is a nice call back to the movie and the series. And I am sort of curious to know why she’s called the Major. But honestly, I feel like they’ve done so much with the development of the world through Stand Alone Complex and Second Gig that this seems like unnecessary filler. Kusanagi’s past isn’t nearly as interesting as the evolution of fully self-aware AI.

Still, more Ghost in the Shell is sort of a good thing. The first episode airs in July.