Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim Sequel

I’ve been sitting on a Pacific Rim review because I want to organize my thoughts. And if I make it into the Geek & Sundry vlog channel, I want to do a review for that. But the short version is simple.


It’s such a great experience to see a culmination of so many things that I love come together in such a tight package.  Guillermo clearly knows his source material.  Pacific Rim is a love letter to kaiju and tokusatsu and I’m so happy that the studio just gave him a pile of money and let him run with it.

In this short interview with MTV, Guillermo talks about some of the ideas he has for a sequel.  The most compelling to me is a Kaiju/Jaeger hybrid, although really, after a nuclear explosion, I think most of Gypsy’s bits would have been vaporized.  But fuck it, we’re talking about a universe with kaiju invaders so I’m totally on board with a hybrid.  It actually makes sense to me.  The aliens would see Gypsy’s detonation as a declaration of war and would retaliate as quickly and viciously as they could.  They’ve already drifted with two human scientists so co-opting jaeger tech into the next round of kaiju makes a lot of sense.  Plus, they’ve created a bridge to our world before in the dinosaur era so it probably won’t take too long for them to create another bridge.  I just hope the nations of the world realize this and keep the jaeger program up to date.

Goddamn!  I’m so excited!!!  I hope the sequel gets greenlit soon!  I MUST HAVE MORE SWORD!