Grandmaster Chu Recalls What It’s Like to Aspire to be a “Marvel”

Grandmaster Chu is back with “Marvels,” a song that perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to grow up as a nerd. The opening of the video with the burned comic covers harkens back to a dark time in American comics in the late 50’s when The Seduction of the Innocent warned parents that comics would turn their kids into deviants. Even these days, when comics seem to be more normalized and geek culture is more pervasive than ever, there’s still an underlying stigma associated with being a nerd.

What I love about this track is that it’s a universal story. Certainly Chu is Asian as is Fresh Off the Boat’s Hudson Yang who stars in the video, but I the struggles of being a nerd cross ethnic and social boundaries.

You can grab the track from Grandmaster Chu’s site and check out more of his music that always seems to be full of feels.