iron man

The Third Member of LMFAO, The Mandarin

Mandarin Swag


What. The. Fuck.

I half expect him to jump off his chair, strip off that robe, and start shaking his junk at the camera.  Forget the fucking Cracker Jack rings, there’s absolutely no way I can take him seriously.

Iron Man Mk. Hyaku Shiki

Iron Hyaku Shiki

Apparently, Tony Stark is tired of piddly little man-sized suits.

Modeler torwa decided that Tony Stark’s current lineup of suits wasn’t awesome enough so he customized this HGUC 1/144 scale Haku Shiki to make Iron Man three times as awesome!  I absolutely love all the little details like the rivets in the feet and the repulsors in the hands.  The metallic red paint is dead on.

You know, I’ve often wondered why Char chose a golden suit in Zeta.  I think he’d much prefer this color scheme.  There are more photos on torwa’s post.