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The Ishinomori Manga Museum ReOpens!

I legit cried when I saw the statue of Kamen Rider standing strong in the middle of the tsunami devestation. I fucking bawled when I saw all the tweets of all the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider actors sending messages IN CHARACTER to children of Japan to keep their hopes high. So you can damn well bet that I couldn’t make it through this video announcing the reopening of the Ishinomori Manga Museum. It’s hard to get made at kids yelling Den-O, my absolute least favorite Rider. Hell, I even like the terribly cheesy Kamen Rider Girls singing on the street.

I love that one staff member stayed behind to help shelter people in the museum as the flood waters ravaged the area. Truly a museum of heroes. I need to get out there some day.

Kamen Rider Fourze’s JK Sings in the Macross Musical

Whenever I hear of Broadway turning a cartoon into a musical, I always raise an eyebrow. Sure, The Lion King musical has won all sorts of awards for its unique costuming and masterful interpretation of the source material. But when things like Shrek get Broadwayed, I cannot mask my patent-pending “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” face. It is this exact same face that I wear right now as I type the following:

There is a Macross musical. Here is the preview.

I don’t recognize any of the songs (“Do You Remember Love” anyone? Now granted, my Macross fandom isn’t as strong as my Gundam so I might be missing some things here). I also don’t see any Veritechs. So I kind of question what this has to do with Macross. It does feature JK from Kamen Rider Fourze with some kind of weird scarring on his neck. That’s kind of cool. Didn’t know he could sing. Buuuuuut… I guess this is for really big fans of Macross. Kind of wish there were dancers dressed as Veritechs running around.

Kamen Rider “Slap My Groin” Promo

Not sure how long this will last since Toei has been going out of its way to take down anything Kamen Rider related from the youTubes, but here’s the first full promo for Kamen Rider Wizard. God, that belt is just asking for a groin punch. Still, the new suit looks pretty bad ass. Moves pretty well. We’ll see how it shapes up.

Kamen Rider Wizard Shows Off His Bling

Look at all his shiny rings! Kind of disappointed he doesn’t give the belt a high-five to transform. That hand is begging for a slap. Kamen Rider NUTSLAP, HENSHIN! Looks like we’re getting a continuation of the color change Rider, a convention established by Kuuga. Red is Flame Style, Blue is Water Style, Green is Hurricane Style, Yellow is Land Style.

As for the suit itself, the helmet is kind of a throwback to Faiz. It’s like Kaixa had a kid. The chest area kind of reminds me of V3 which is a nice little tribute. Kamen Rider Wizard premiers in September.

From: Henshin Justice

Kamen Rider Wizard?

It’s about that time of year again for preview picks and speculation about the next Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider Wizard is the rumored successor to Fourze and we’ve got this pretty clear photo from the Henshin Justice forums. Thank Ishinomori there’s no stupid wizard hat. Also no wand. Thank you!

There’s another photo that gives us a clear shot of his belt which has a big hand print on it. Makes me want to run up to him and high five his belt. It’s kind of interesting that it’s a five on his belt. Kind of follows the pattern, Double’s two, OOO’s three, Fourze’s four, and now Wizard’s five theme.

It’s always a bad idea to judge a suit before we see it in action so I’ll hold my comments until we get to see him move. However, I’d like to see a female rider who isn’t movie exclusive. I hope Wizard at least has a secondary female Rider. There are way too many pretty boys in the franchise.

From: Henshin Justice

Rider Sessions — Riderman

It’s been far too long since I did one of these. This is my interpretation of Riderman. Wasn’t going to do him, but then he showed up in Movie War Megamax as one of the seven Legendary Riders.

Gun Calibur Fight Reel

Gun Calibur returns in 2013 with a major release. While we wait, Bueno and crew have released a quick fighting reel with Gun Calibur kicking the shit out of some Shocker grunts who have brought shiny lucha masks to a gun fight. If Shocker is supposed to be the ultimate evil, why don’t they arm their foot soldiers better? Stupid Shocker.

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