Legend of Korra

Gangnam Style

It’s Friday! So you deserve a good ear worm!

So I’ve been twitter bombing people with this video because it’s fucking epic! I fully expect to see Gangnam Style at all anime cons from here on out. And I hope this sparks off a lot of PSY cosplayers. The hair, the shades, the moves, perfection.

And of course, there will be parody/tribute videos like this one where Team Korra goes Gangnam Style.

What Does it Take to Animate The Legend of Korra?

I’m so glad that Studio MIR recorded this behind-the-scenes footage of their work on Legend of Korra. No matter what anyone says about the story or whether or not it lived up to expectations, I think everyone can agree that Book 1 was beautifully animated. Now we get to meet the people behind all those great facial expressions, action sequences, and stunning line work. I’m not surprised that they drew ’til they fell asleep at their tables.

From: Studio MIR

Watch the Premier of Legend of Korra THIS WEEKEND!

AZM Ally Jeff Posey writes in with exceedingly awesome news. Because the fan swell for “Legend of Korra” is so great and because the website got over 100,000 likes and shares, the first two episodes will air March 24 online at Korranation.com!

It’s Christmas in Spring!!!

The Avatar Returns on April 14

I am so ridiculously excited for Legend of Korra! Bender-punk tech, metal benders, polar bear dog, fuck to the yes!

I’m kind of curious as to how this series got made. Certainly, fans wanted more when the original series ended. I wonder if Korra was always in the works and it’s just taken this long to bring it to life or if the live action Failbender had something to do with it. I’d hate to have to begrudgingly thank M. Night Shyamalan for helping reignite excitement for Airbender. I’d like to think that the fandom would have been there without the live action.

The Legend of Korra Official Trailer

I am so relieved that the live action travesty was not the last Airbender thing we would get. This trailer for The Legend of Korra looks absolutely amazing. It takes place 70 years after the original series. I’m looking forward to the technologies found in what looks like a big ass metropolis. Already in the original series, we saw examples of some fairly sophisticated tech.

From the Avatar Wikia, Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe. By the time the show starts, she has mastered water, earth, and fire bending and must learn air bending from Aang and Katara’s son Tenzin. Yes please. Toph’s daughter is the head of the metal bending police force of the United Republic which is also a big FUCK YES!

I am so excited for this! We’ll have to wait until next year before the series starts, but I have a feeling it’s going to be well worth the wait.

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