One Pound Fish

Happy New Year! I’m back at a computer which means nothing but horrible things for your ears. To kick off 2013, I bring you a song that will soon be worming its way into your ear holes. It begins with a humble fish seller.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir dreamed of a new life for his wife and four children. Leaving his family behind with the intent of sending for them when he had the money, he packed his things and moved to London’s East End. He found work in a local fish market where he was encouraged to come up with a call to get the attention of passing customers. Feeling that shouting at people was a bit rude, Nazir came up with a catchy tune.

Much like Otakon’s “Ice Cold Water” seller, Nazir became known as the £1 Fish Man. When this video of his signature call hit YouTube, it spread like wildfire. Singers Timbaland and Alesha Dixon covered his song. He auditioned on Britain’s X-Factor. And his studio produced single made it all the way to number 4 in the British Christmas song battle.

So, without further ado, I present to you “One Pound Fish.”

I don’t think it has the staying power of “Gangnam Style,” but it’s a lot of fun. More than anything else, I hope this song helps him and his family realize their dreams.