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Giant Art Robot Attack

[flv: 420 315]

2nd tech test of Ustream. This one goes for about 27 minutes so feel free to fast forward. We will be able to stream live so that’s pretty awesome. And Ustream can record and stream at the same time. Doubly awesome. It can also convert to different video formats so I’ll grab that raw feed and edit it down to something manageable.

A few quirks. For some reason, Ustream won’t play the recorded show on the website so I downloaded the flv and loaded it up here. Video size is 320×240. Not bad for free streaming and live recording and the audio seems to be quite good.

As for the night of the show, we’ve had a bit of a change. Instead of being downstairs in the main area, we will be arting and broadcasting from the 2nd floor of the Ottobar. Slightly different than what we were expecting, but we are guaranteed internet streaming. We also have the run of the entire 2nd floor which could mean lots of awesome. We’ll still be giving away plenty of toys and robots and maybe a DVD or two. Still hashing out more details. I’ll keep you updated as we finalize things.

Be sure to bookmark my Ustream profile so you can check out the art action live, June 1st.

AZM Intro Pencil Test

A very rough pencil test of the AZM Vlog intro all painfully drawn and animated by your’s truly. Click on the image for the vid.

[flv:/video/azmTitleTest1.flv /video/azmTitlePoster1.jpg 480 360]

Hibiki or I guess Todoroki rocking out is close to finished. Ultraman has some lineart that I can deal with. The others are quite rough. I think I’m going to have Godzilla munching on a train. The last scene will be Sho Nuff yelling “MASTAH!!” I want to try to have this close to finished fairly soon to coincide with something really cool that might be happening on the vlog, but I’ll have to keep it hush hush for now. After this is done, on to Monster Cutie which will be 30 seconds of animation hell!

Oh, I used Flash for the animation. It’s all key framed by hand. No tweens or objects save for the background behind Todoroki. All the characters will be hand keyed (hand animated). I’ll probably fudge the backgrounds with tweens and patterns and other happy stuff. Enjoy!

Fwoggy Cutie

A quick time-lapse sketch done with Sharpie Poster Paint markers. I’ve been drawing a lot of cutie monsters for friends and family lately. Planning on doing a short series of small canvasses for the hell of it. Oh, and if you listen closely, you can hear me shaking up the marker.

Super Geek Wars: Kratos vs. Dante

Looks like Samus easily took Storm in last week’s SGW. Will this week be a similar blow out?

This week’s round, it’s Kratos vs. Dante! Behold the sketching and the casting!

It’s berserker vs bounty hunter! Can cool overcome CARAAAAZAY?!

Oh, wanna see a high res version of the pic? Get with the clicking!

Super Geek Wars: Kratos vs. Dante

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Winner: KRATOS chunliwin.gif

Steam Kabuto

The actual sketch took a half hour to record and finish. Re-timing, compressing, compressing again, and again, and maybe again took a few hours or so. But I think I have a workflow going. I’ll probably have to record a voice over because sitting through a full half hour of sketching and jabbering isn’t the best. Anyway, here’s the sketchcast:

And here’s the final product!

Steam Kabuto

Sketch Cast Redux

Slow news week it seems. Well, it’s only just started. Anyway, I’m going to be messing around with Snapz Pro to record some arting and voicing at the same time. DUHN DUHN DUUUUUHN!

Here’s your chance to request some screwy drawing from yours truly. Drop me a comment of something to draw and if’n it’s random enough or something I think I can do, I’ll give it the ol’ college try later tonight. Try to keep suggestions to one character or type of character or silly character description. Gonna try to do it ten minutes or less so’s I can YouTube the jammy.

Super Geek Wars: Samus Aran vs. Storm

Wow! Last fight was really close. Vash won by one percentage point!

This week, another ladies night. It’s Samus Aran vs. Storm.

It’s the ultimate battle between nature versus technology!

By the by, please excuse the mess. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use the sketchcast jitsu. If it sounds choppy, please let me know in the comments. I might have to switch to something else.

UPDATE: Freaking GRRRRR! Checked out the cast on a PC and it’s still choppy and gross. Sorry sketchcast, you just don’t do it for me anymore. Poop. Sorry about the shitty quality here. Next week should be much better.

Super Geek Wars: Samus Aran vs. Storm

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Winner: SAMUS ARAN chunliwin.gif

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