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Pond Life, Part 5 is a Kick in the Gut


I was not expecting such an emotional finale to the Pond Life shorts. Episode 5 is a real kick in the gut. Also notice Amy wearing a leather jacket. If you go back through Doctors Nine and Ten, Rose, Martha, and Dona all wear leather jackets in their last episodes.

Oh man, the build up was friggin great! They had me at Dalek porn, but I am absolutely on the hook for the Season 7!

Pond Life, Part 3

Very cute. I won’t spoil it. This one is pretty fan servicy. I mean, it’s all pretty much fan service done just for us Who fans, but this one in particular doesn’t serve much of a point other than to bring back a fan favorite for a cute cameo.

Pond Life, Part 2

“We have a rule about the bedroom!”

The Doctor is the worst driver in the universe and it seems that future Doctor is just as bad. Also, not that this is any surprise to anyone really, but the Doctor appears to have personal space issues.

Pond Life, Part 1

Everyday this week, BBC will be posting “Pond Life,” a little mini web series giving us a little peek into the life of the Ponds between Season 6 and Season 7. I expect this is going to be a lot of fan service, but who cares. It’s more Doctor!

Video Game High School — Episode 1

AZM Ally Kenny sent along the first episode of Rocket Jump’s web series Video Game High School. Looks like it’s going to be a crazy ride.

If you check out the Rocket Jump site, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of how they put together the episodes. You can do quite a lot with technology these days and a little bit of money. The production values are really good. If cable and broadcast channels weren’t flooded with reality dreck, something like this would be great to see on an afternoon lineup.

Oh look, Episode 2 is already up!

From: Rocket Jump

Danger 5, The Diamond Girls, Part 3

Awww, cheer up Hitler.

Holy crap, if phones actually worked like that there’d be a lot of ex-telemarketers. Part 3 of Danger 5, The Diamond Girls is just as amazing as it sounds!

Danger 5: The Diamond Girls, Part 2

No one expects coins to the face!

The exploitation goodness continues with Part 2 of Danger 5: The Diamond Girls. I can definitely smell Germany.

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