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The Legend of Wan Was Amazing!

I'm a Lion Turtle. You're argument is invalid.

I’m a Lion Turtle. You’re argument is invalid.

So here’s the really frustrating thing about The Legend of Korra.  Last week, we learned about the origin of bending and Wan, the first Avatar, in a two episode arc.  It was pretty damn amazing.  The art direction was phenomenal.  I love the watercolor textures and style of the backgrounds.  The Lion Turtles were fucking amazing.  We learned a lot more about the Spirits and what they have to do with the world.  And we got to see a lot of growth from Wan.

It was absolutely amazing.  Best episodes yet.  And that’s the frustrating part!  They clearly know how to develop characters, to make them interesting and flawed, to set up conflicts that are complex and nuanced.  They can do all that in just two episodes.  So what the hell is going on with the main show?

After seeing Wan’s arc, I could buy the argument that since they have more episodes to play with, they’re taking their time with Korra.  I don’t know.  I nearly gave up on the show when they gave Korra amnesia.  I always look at that as a crutch.  Oh, our hero needs to rediscover themselves so we the audience can be reminded why they’re the hero? Then you failed at your job because we shouldn’t need a reminder!  But meeting Wan was really awesome and it sort of gives Korra a fresh start.  Which is annoying because she shouldn’t have needed a fresh start.

Sooooo I’m still going to be watching Korra like I was anyway.  But now I’m kind of excited to see where the show takes her.  I’m willing to spend more time with her even if she annoys the shit out of me.  Wan figured his shit out in two episodes.  Maybe it’ll just take Korra a little longer.  BUT THEN WHAT THE FUCK WAS SEASON 1 FOR—no nope, I’m not gonna rage quit.  Let’s just give the show a chance.

Legend of Korra Season 2 so Far Has Been… eh


Boyfriend, your show is meh.

This will be a bit spoilery for Season 1 of Korra so click away if you haven’t watched it yet.

On paper, The Legend of Korra has everything I want in a show.  It’s got a diverse cast with various flaws and strengths.  The costume design is superb.  The setting is an Asian inspired take on steam punk which is totally refreshing.  The animation is absolutely gorgeous.  Best of all, we get return to the world of bending which I absolutely fell in love with in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So why am I struggling so much to keep up with Season 2?

Though I felt it was a little uneven, overall, I had a blast with Season 1.  I was so excited to see how the world had evolved since we last left Aang and the crew.  Pro Bending was an awesome addition.  Teenage angst and romance was pitch perfect for Korra’s age group.  The fight choreography was excellent and the animation completely blew me away.

Still, I had some major problems with how the season ended.  I felt that last episode tied everything together way too conveniently.  How amazing would it have been if Season 2 was all about Korra trying to live without her bending?  Is the Avatar more than just the embodiment of bending?  Is there something deeper that made Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, and the entire line special?  Season 1 could have laid the ground work for a much deeper exploration of Korra and her role as the Avatar.  Instead, she got her bending back in a weird little Deus Aang Machina that completely jumped me out of the show.  I also didn’t like that she got her airbending by punching with great anger.

I understand that the show runners didn’t know if they were going to get a second season so they wanted to wrap things up.  But it just felt rushed.  And I’m one of those sick fucks who wouldn’t have minded a cliff hanger ending.

So we’re four episodes into Season 2 and it’s a little unfair to judge it as a whole just yet.  But it really feels like the show just rebooted itself.  Korra is a cocky jerkface who used the Avatar state to win a race in the first episode.  I almost rage quit right there.  It’s like Season 1 never happened!

I never liked Mako.  Broody Mc Eyebrows always had a chip on his shoulder and was kind of asshole to his brother.  Not cool.  Now that he’s a cop, he’s fucking insufferable which makes it really annoying when he and Cocky Mc Avatar Pants are the leads of our show.  Their both kind of jerks so it’s little surprise when they break up.  Buuuut, they’re still jerks.

Thus far, the best parts of Season 2 for me have been with Tenzin and his interactions with Boomi and Kya.  I kind of wish the show was about him and his time at the Air Temple with his siblings and his family.

I’m also not a big fan of Uncle Mc Evil Pants.  Zuko was an excellent adversary for Aang.  He was the big bad for a while, but we could sympathize with his whole HONOR thing.  Not so with Korra.  Amon posed an interesting question about benders and normals, which almost made him sympathetic.  But the way he went about his quest was so apologetically evil that there was no way we could sympathize with him.  Similarly, Korra’s Uncle Mc Lying Face is so utterly evil that we just can’t wait for him to get punched in the junk.  We lose a lot of the nuance that we got with Aang’s arc.

With all that said, I will stick with the show.  Nickelodeon is making it easy by streaming full episodes online after they air.  And despite the negative things I have to say, I genuinely like Korra.  I recognize that she’s acting very much like a hot blooded teenager.  So in that respect, the show is doing a great job of portraying that aspect of her life.  And who knows, maybe it will all come together in the end.  But much like S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m not sure that I can recommend this to anyone who isn’t already a fan.