Tokusatsu Time #3 – Pacific Rim AKA ROBOTS PUNCHING!

I either was not Geek nor Sundry enough, but I will continue to spread the gospel of the awesomeness of ROBOTS PUNCHING! So here’s my long anticipated Pacific Rim review!

You can play a drinking game to this review if you want to get stupid drunk really quickly. Every time I say “Robots Punching,” take a swig.


Just in case you weren’t already tired of my talking about dumplings, here’s my vlog announcement of Nomlings!

Mako Mori, the Hero of Pacific Rim

Why I think Mako Mori is the hero of Pacific Rim.

Rider Sessions — Riderman

It’s been far too long since I did one of these. This is my interpretation of Riderman. Wasn’t going to do him, but then he showed up in Movie War Megamax as one of the seven Legendary Riders.

How Do You Respond to Racial Slurs?

I never really know how to respond to racial slurs. In the moment, I just get so angry. I have some ideas on how I’d like to respond, but usually, I end up saying and doing nothing. How do you respond to racial Slurs?

Here’s the link to Justin Tse’s blog post that inspired the video: http://yllwprl.com/tMMOYL

Hiding Your Asianness

Apparently, there’s a new trend among Asian students who feel compelled to hide their Asianness when applying to college because admission officials expect more from Asian students. I don’t know why this kind of demographic information is being collected for college applications, but it needs to stop.

Here’s the article that I’m talking about:

Rider Sessions — V3

It’s Double Typhoon time! Kamen Rider V3! Didn’t have time to record any new jams so this is the same track for the Nigo session. Not sure if I’m going to do Rider Man next or just get on with Kamen Rider X. Rider Man never had his own show and although V3 considers him to be Kamen Rider 4, he was only in a handful of episodes. Also, X is more badass than Rider Man. We’ll see.

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